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Celcom Broadband connection at optimal setting

It’s crucial to set up your Celcom Broadband connection at optimal setting so that you can get the best out of it. Here are simple ways on how you can improve your Celcom wireless broadband internet connection.

1) Improve the signal

Assuming that your modem and laptop is located inside a building, the transmission of the 3G/HSDPA signals will be affected. You will need to get a long 15m/3m usb cable so that you can put your USB 3G modem near the roof in order to improve the signal that the device receives from telco’s transmitter. I bought one during Pikom PC Fair and the 3m USB cable costed me an affordable RM15 (USD 4.2) with a life-time warranty.


Important! Keep your modem in a cool place and prevent it from getting hit by raindrops. High temperature and moisture might damage your modem.



2) Optimize your modem setting

This is the setting that is often left unoptimized. Here’s a quick fix to it.

1. Right click on My Computer then click on Manage.
2. Go to Device Manager -> Modem ->
3. Right click on your 3G USB Modem and choose Properties
4. Go to Modem tab, adjust maximum Port Speed to the max. Save the new setting by clicking OK.


3) Upgrade your modem firmware

This can be done by referring to the instructions by the modem manufacture. Go to your respective modem manufacture website to find out how to do it.

One of the benefit is you might be able to uplift the download speed limit for your modem, for example 7.2Mbps instead of the conventional 3.6Mbps (Huawei E220). Upgrading the firmware also often improve the overall performance of your device.

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